Judges 3:5-11 (200)


          A.  The Lord allowed the Children of Israel to fall under the control of Mesopotamia
                for eight years because of their sins.  Vv7-8

          B.  God chose a leader by the name of Othniel to lead the Israelites from their crisis.

          C.  Let’s learn three lessons from Othniel, the first judge (deliverer) of Israel.

      I.  “Step up” and do the small deeds.

          A.  Othniel had been successful in lesser matters.  Joshua 15:16-17 (189)

          B.  We need to “step up” and execute small deeds.  Luke 16:10-12 (768); Matthew
                10:42 (711)

          C.  A challenge:  If you don’t have a regular responsibility, look for one and volunteer.

    II.  “Step up” and meet a need.

          A.  Israel needed a leader and Othniel met that need.  Judges 3:9-10 (200)

          B.  When we meet the needs of people, we are doing what the Lord desires for us to do.
                Ephesians 2:8-10 (864)

          C.  A challenge:  Find a need that someone has and meet it.

   III.  “Step up” and depend on God.

          A.  Othniel depended on the Lord.  Judges 3:10 (200)

          B.  God will equip us when He calls us for a task.  Philippians 1:6; 2:12-13 (867); Eph.
                3:20-21 (864)

          A.  Question:  Am I willing to “step up” and move out of my comfort zone make a
                                  difference in my family, my church and my community?