James 1:1,13-18 (892)


        A.  We begin a series of studies from the letter of James.  Background:

              Author:  James, the half-brother of Jesus.  An influential leader in the church in
                            Jerusalem.  V1
              Recipients:  The Jewish Christians scattered among Gentiles.  Probably poor and
                                  persecuted. V1
              Theme:  Practical instruction in the duties of life.  Has been called, “The book bound
                            in shoe leather.”
              Date:  Between  A.D. 44-62
              From:  The city of Jerusalem

        B.  Let’s look at sin’s goal for us and then God’s goal for us.

    I.  Sin’s goal is our spiritual death and destruction.  James 1:13-15 (892)

        A.  Enticement to sin doesn’t come from God. V13; 2 Peter 3:9 (899)

        B.  The desire to sin lures an individual until he/she is entrapped. V14

              1.  Carries with it the idea of a fish being enticed with bait.  Our human nature desires
                   to sin.

        C.  The progression (vv14-15):  The desire to sin leads to temptation, the
              individual is enticed and sin is conceived, sin is born, sin becomes full-grown, and
              sin brings forth spiritual death.  Romans 6:23a (833); 2 Thessalonians 1:7-10 (875)

  II.  God’s goal for us is blessing and eternal life.  James 1:17-18

        A.  God gives good and perfect gifts.

              1.  God’s gifts are good because God is good.

              2.  God gives perfect gifts because God is generous.

        B.  God brings forth eternal life.  James 1:18.  This is a birth (KJV); John 3:1-8 (780)

              1.  Our minds are affected (there is conception) by the word of God as a seed.

Conclusion:  Sin’s goal is spiritual death and destruction.  God’s goal for us is blessing and
                     eternal life.  Romans 6:23
                                                    THE DECISION IS OURS.