A STUDY OF 1 CORINTHIANS (Lesson Eight)
                                      Submission, Hair and Head Covering (Part Two)
                                                      1 Corinthians 11:2-16 (847)

            A.  We have considered the relationship of man and woman.
                  1.  They are one (equally human) and they should be one in their agreement with
                       their different roles.
            B.  We have noted that Paul instructed the man to wear short hair and the woman to
                  wear long hair, according to their customs.
     III.  Paul instructed the Corinthians Christians regarding head coverings.
            A.  Man.  Vv4.3,7

                  1.  Not to have his head covered when he prayed or taught.

            B.  Woman.  Vv5-6,13
                  1.  Not to pray or teach with her head uncovered.

            C.  Why did Paul give these instructions?  Three views:
                  1.  Because it was a church practice for public worship.  V16: Paraphrase, If anyone
                       is contentious, that is, takes an opposing view, we (teachers) and the churches of
                       God don’t have that custom.

                       a.  The man was to honor his head (v4) who was Christ (v3) by not
                            wearing a head covering.  The woman was to wear head covering to honor her
                            head (v5) who was man (husband) and because of the angels (v10).  The
                            rebellious angels (v10)
                  2.  Because it was a social custom.

                       a.  V14, nature means custom. Men were not to wear head coverings. V4

                       b.  Women were to wear a head covering (Vv5-6).Not to bring reproach on church
                             not to be offensive to angels, not to be stumbling block, to be regarded as a  
                             pure woman who submits to her husband.

                       c.  V16-no custom in the church.  Yes as a social custom.   

3.  Paul was giving instructing about praying and prophesying.  Vv4-5,1

    a.  Prophecy was a spiritual gift.  1 Corinthians 12:10.
    b.  There were women who had the gift of prophecy.  Acts 21:9 (821). Praying was associated
         with spiritual gift of speaking in tongues(1 Cor. 14:14-17). Teach women (2 Timothy 2:12
    c.  Man’s head was to be uncovered when he prayed and prophesied, woman’s head was to be    

   d. These instructions for women were in regard to praying and prophesying outside of worship