Esther 3:8-11,14-15-Esther 4:16 (403-404)


         A.  Are you available if _______________________________________ a need you are
               capable of meeting?
         B.  In the O.T. there is a story about a courageous Jewish lady named Esther, the Queen
               of Persia, who was needed to save her people.
         C.  Background and reading of Esther 3:8-11,14-15-Esther 4:16
         D.  Let’s use Esther as an example of one who was available to meet an important need.

     I.  Esther understood that there was a need to do something on behalf of her people.

         A.  Haman, an enemy of the Jews, persuaded King Ahasuerus to write a decree for the
               Jews in the Persian Empire to be destroyed.  Esther 3:8-10,14

         B.  Queen Esther received news about the decree (Esther 4:7-9) so she responded.  Esther
               Esther 4:11-16; Esther 7:5-10 (405)

               1.  When Queen Esther was available for a need, she properly responded.

    II.  Id like for us to consider three needs.  There is a need:

         A.  To teach the Great Commission.  Matthew 28:18-20 (730); Mark 16:15-16 (748

               1.  Objection:

               2.  Answer:

         B.  For spiritually mature ladies to teach the younger.  Titus 2:3-4 (881)

         C.  To encourage those who don’t worship on a regular basis to repent.  Hebrews
               10:25 (888); Galatians 6:1-2 (862)

         D.  Are you capable of meeting any of these needs?  Esther had a decision to make
               And she made it.  Esther 4:15-16

  III.  Will you allow God to use you?  Isaiah 6:1-8 )518)

          A.  God will enable us.  Philippians 2L12-`3 (868)

Conclusion:  Our call is to be God’s instruments.  Are you available?