Concern submitted:  “Entertainment in church today…why do people think that’s ok?  The
                                      Bible hasn’t changed.”
         A.  We are living in the age of church entertainment.
               1.  Many leaders have decided to make changes to enhance growth.
               2.  Mark Roberts, pulpit minister for the La Vista Church of Christ, wrote that a
                    well known preacher said the following about entertainment:
         B.  Churches employ drama, dance, celebrities, praise bands, orchestras, musical
               performances, technology, professional singers, cool preachers dressed in blue
               jeans and t shirts and other devices.
               1.  People who are concerned with “getting more out of the services” and “being
                    made to feel good and happy” are becoming members of these churches.
               2.  I’m not advocating for a boring worship.  Worship should be exciting.
         C.  Let’s  focus on a few truths regarding worship and then I’ll share a “word of caution.”
               Read John 4:21-24 (782)

     I.  Our worship must be focused on God.  John 4:23

          A.  Worship isn’t  self-centered.
                1.  Not to satisfy us, how we can get more, what makes us feel better, etc.
                2.  “I want to do it my way” is a selfish attitude.
          B.  Our worship must be God-centered.  John 4:23-24
                1.  God is worthy.  Rev. 4:11 (907); Acts 17:22-28 (818)
                2.  Worship is what we do in response to God.
                3.  Comments made by Chuck Swindoll, preacher at Stonebriar Community Church.
    II.  God must be worshipped in spirit.  John 4:24

          A.  Means with the right attitude and from the heart. Psalm 111:1 (473).  Involves under-
                standing ( 1 Cor. 14:15,p849), the heart ( Psalm 51:17,p448), sincerity ( Psalm 122:1,
                p479), reverence (Psalm 89:7 (463).
          B.  As we worship our spirit must connect with God’s Spirit.  John 4:24

   III.  God must be worshipped in truth.  John 4:24 (782)

          A.  Means according to God’s word.  singing ( Eph. 5:19,p866), praying ( 1 Cor. 14:15,p
                849), teaching ( Acts 30:7,p820), Lord’s Supper ( Acts 20:6-7), giving (1 Cor. 16:1-2)

   IV.  ‘A word of caution’
          A.  An entertainment mentality will lead to ignorance of God’s word.  Matt. 7:21-23 (708)
          B.  An entertainment mentality will lead a church into vain worship.  Matt. 15:7-9 (716)
          C.  God isn’t pleased when His instructions regarding worship are ignored. Lev. 10:1-2(88
                Rev. 22:18-19(918) (passage applies to Rev. but principle applies to all of God’s word
Conclusion: Christianity isn’t what I desire, having my way, what satisfies me, politically correct
                    Shouldn’t our worship reflect the Christianity we espouse?