Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 (511)


        A.  Written by Solomon toward the end of his life, after having repented of his rebellion
              against God.

        B.  Let’s consider our commitments to God.

   I.  The preacher’s work.  Vv9-12

        A.  The preacher was Solomon (Eccle. 1:1) and the wisest man, other than Jesus, to ever
              live.  1 Kings 3:9-12 (276)

              1.  He pondered (weighed), and sought ( examined) and set in order ( arranged).  V9

              2.  He gave special care to what he wrote.  V10
                   Application (john 17:17):

        B.  Used “acceptable words” from one shepherd”-God.  Psalm 23:1; John 17:17. V11

        C.  Spend energy where studying is important- God’s word. V12

  II.  The conclusion of the whole matter.  Vv13-14

        A.  “Conclusion”-

        B.  “Whole matter”-

        C.  “Fear God” Exodus 20:18-21, p61)

        D.  “Keep His commandments”-

        E.  “Man’s all; whole of man”-

        F.  Judgment is coming.  V13

             1) every work, 2) every secret thing, 3) good and evil.  2 Cor. 5:10


       A.  The most important things we can do are to “fear God and keep his commandments.”