Psalm 51 (448)


         A.  The prophet Nathan reprimanded King David for his sins against God.  2 Samuel
         B.  David wrote Psalm 51, which is his prayer of repentance.
         C.  Let’s focus on the confessing of sins based on King David’s example from Psalm 51.
         D.  We will consider five principles involved in the confessing of sins to God.

     I.  We must appeal to God’s mercy and love.  Vv1-2

          A.  The appropriate response.  Luke 18:10-14 (770)

          B.  Not on our merit.

          C.  Definition of mercy:

    II.  We must acknowledge our sins.  Vv3-4

          A.  David acknowledged his sons.

          B.  God deals with sinners in one of two ways:

   III.  We must understand where we are and where God desires for us to be.  Vv5-6

           A.  David’s understanding:

           B.  God’s desire for us:

    IV.  It’s important for us to pray for restoration as we confess our sins to God.  Vv7-12

           A.  David used figurative language as he asked for forgiveness:

     V.  Once we have confessed our sins, let’s resolve to engage in faithful service
           to God.  Vv13-17

           A.  David’s resolve:

           B.  Our commitment.  2 Corinthians 7:10-11 (855)


           A.  Review; 1 John 1:7-9 (899)