CRITICISM (cont’d)
                                                   Matthew 7:1-5; 15-20 (707-708)


        A.  Briefing on morning’s lesson.

IV.  Other considerations regarding criticism

        A.  How despicable.  Matthew 7:3

              1.  One can have a disposition to look for a fault on which to pounce.

        B.  Be aware of our faults.  Matthew 7:3-5

        C.  Look for the good in others.  Acts 9:26-31 (809)

        D.  Consider the hurt to others when we criticize.  Matthew 7:12

        E.  Remember that our judgments are often wrong.  1 Samuel 17:28-29 (237)

        F.  We can ask God for help in overcoming this sin.


        A.  Psalm 19:14 (436)