Exodus 3:1-11 (45)

        A.  An issue that affects many people.

        B.  Moses felt inadequate as he was given a ministry by God.  Exodus 3:11

        C.  Do we ever feel inadequate when given an opportunity?

        D.  Let’s think about the feelings of insecurity. 

    I.  What causes someone to feel insecure?  Here are a few.

        A.  Being reared in an insecure environment.

        B.  A broken relationship.  Between family member, divorce.

        C.  A failure.  Examples:

        D.  Not receiving positive feedback.

  II.  Adverse effects of insecurity.

        A.  A fear of failure.  Exodus 4:10,13

        B.  Indecisiveness.  Exodus 3:11,13

        C.  Lack of proper faith.  Exodus 4:10-13

  III.  How do we overcome insecurity?

        A.  We must acknowledge to God our feelings of insecurity.

        B.  We must determine to overcome insecurity.  Philippians 4:13; Joshua 18:1-3

        C.  Focus on God.  1 Samuel 17:24,32,40-45,47

Conclusion:  Are you holding back doing something that God wants you to do?  2 Timothy 1:7
                     (879); Romans 8:15 (834).  Satan will not give up easily!  FOCUS ON GOD AND
                     HIS POWER,NOT YOURS.