A.  This is an attitude that can change the environment of a local church.

       B.  An attitude that is important in the kingdom of Christ.  Matthew 20:20-28 (720)

   I.  A servant attitude.

       A.  Requires desire.  1 Timothy 3:1 (877)

       B.  Requires the proper attitude toward others.  Philippians 2:2-4 (867)

       C.  Other qualities using the prophet Isaiah as an example.  Isaiah 6:1-8 (518)

             1.  Reverence for God. V5

             2.  Humility.  V5

             3.  Gratitude toward God. Vv7,8

             4.  Cleansed from sin.  V7

  II.  Hindrances to developing a servant attitude.

       A.  The fear of failure.  Matthew 25:14-15,18,24,25,30 (726)

       B.  The fear of criticism.  Philippians 1:6 (867)

Conclusion:  2 Timothy 1:6-7,12 (879)