Galatians 6:14-18 (863)


         A.  The apostle Paul wrote in the latter part of v17, “ ____________________________”
         B.  There are ranchers and farmers who brand their cattle marking their ownership.
         C.  People also bear the marks of their owner.
               1.  We bear the marks of that which enslaves us or controls us.  Romans 6:15-23 (833)
                    Sin or righteous.  Vv18,22

               2.  The Roman Christians had obeyed from the heart the form of doctrine that had been
                    delivered to them.  The doctrine delivered: the gospel of Christ.  Romans 1:16-17.
                    The form of doctrine: baptism. Romans 6:3-7

               3.  Christians today bear the marks of the Lord Jesus.
         D.  What about us?

     I.  Do we bear the mark of obedience?  Matthew 12:46-50 (713)

         A.  Jesus draws a line of demarcation between His disciples and those who aren’t.
               Matthew 12:30; Matthew 7:21,15-20 (708)

   II.  Do we bear the mark of sacrifice?  Luke 9:23 (760)

         A.  The cross is a symbol of suffering and sacrifice.

         B.  Our Heavenly Father desires for us to be living sacrifices.  Romans 12:1-2 (837)

  III.  Do we bear the mark of love?  Do we love:

         A.  Our enemies?  Matthew 5:43-48 (706)

         B.  Others?  Matthew 7:12

         C.  One another?  John 13:34-35 (793).  Article by Mother Teresa

         A.  Do we bear the marks of the Lord Jesus?
         B.  Christianity demands sacrifice and commitment.  Christianity isn’t popular. John 15:18
         C.  We have been called to deny self, count the cost and expect opposition.
         D.  The reward is awesome!  Revelation 14:12-13 (913); Romans 6:22-23 (833)