John 21:15-17 (800)
       A.  Jesus told the apostles on the evening of His betrayal that they would be offended by Him.
             1.  Peter promised that he would never be offended by Jesus.  John 26:33,35
       B.  After the Lord’s resurrection, Jesus ask Peter three times to express his love for Him.
             1.  Jesus used two Greeks words:  “phileo” which means “To befriend; to like; to be fond
                  of.” And “agape” which is a love based on deep devotion; unconditional regard.”  Read
                  John 21:15-17
       C.  A searching and practical question is under consideration:  “Do I love Jesus?”

   I.  If we love Jesus we will desire to be in His presence.  Matthew 18:20 (719)

       A.  When a young man is dating a young lady because he wants to marry her, he enjoys being in
             her presence.  Examples:

       B.  It should be the same with us and Jesus.

             1.  As we read and meditate about stories of Jesus.  Example:  Sermon On The Mount in
                  Matthew 5-7

             2.  When we gather for worship.  1 Corinthians 11:23-29 (847)

  II.  If we love Jesus we will desire to  Him. 

        A.  A young man desires to please his fiancée.  Examples:

        B.  If we love Jesus we will desire to please Him.  John 14:15,21,23 (794); 1 John 2:1-6 (900)

  III.  If we love Jesus we will enjoy giving Him gifts and offerings.

        A.  Why does the young man give …………?  Because he loves her!

        B.  Why should we give to Jesus?  2 Corinthians 9:6-8 (856)

  IV.  If we love Jesus we will love His family.

        A.  A young man would be wise to understand his relationship with his fiancée’s family.

        B.  We should love the family of Christ.  John 13:33-34 (793)

Conclusion:  Let’s ask ourselves:    Phileo or Agape?  John 22:15b