Genesis 11:31-32 (8)

        A.  Terah moved his family from Ur on his way to Canaan, but he never reached his
              destination because he died halfway there.
              1.  Haran, I understand, was about 500 miles from Ur and about 500 miles from
        B.  There are Christians and churches who know where they should be, but they have
              settled halfway.
        C.  Let’s consider several lessons about  having gone halfway.
    I.  The truth is that going “halfway” and staying is risky.

        A.  Because we might not realize our goals.

              1.  Effort is required and we might not be willing to pay the cost.
              2.  What should we do?  Luke 14:28-33 (767)

         B.  Because we might not develop high moral standards.

               1.  satan tries to hinder us.  1 Peter 5:8 (897)
               2.  What should we do?  1 Peter 5:9

         C.  Because we might not grow spiritually mature.

               1.  Put away old attitudes and habits by proper application.  Ephesians 3:25-32 (865)

         D.  Because we might not serve God appropriately.

               1.  Examples:
               2.  Obey.  James 1:22-25

   II.  Why are people willing to settle for going halfway?

         A.  Because of ignorance.  Hosea 4:6 (664)

         B.  Because of laziness.  Prov. 15:19

         C.  Because of comfort.  Luke 9:23 (760)

         D.  Because of procrastination.


         A.  Let’s remove whatever is keeping us from reaching our destination.
         B.  Genesis 11:32-  ……….. we might die there!