ECCLESIASTES 3:16-4:16 (506)
                                                                       Lesson Six


        A.  We know, although we don’t like it, that there is injustice in the world.
        B.  We have learned to live with things as they are.
        C.  The cruel and wicked people will not win in the end.

   I.  God will deal with the perversion of justice.  3:16-22

        A.  Solomon observed social injustice.  V16

        B.  God will judge the wicked and the righteous.  Matthew 25:31-34,41 (726)

        C.  God uses injustice to test people.  V18

        D.  Humans and animals are alike in ways (vv18-20) and different in ways (v21). (12:7)

        E.  We should rejoice in our heritage because __________________________.  V22

  II.  Solomon observed the pain of the oppressed.  4:1-3

  III.  Solomon  observed three vanities

        A.  Earthly endeavors.  Vv4-6

             1.  Two wrongs:  Keeping up with the Jones and not working.

        B.      Riches.  Vv7-12

             1.  Don’t place wrong emphasis on wealth.  V8

             2.  Place emphasis on companion or friends.  Vv9-12

       C.  Popularity.  Vv13-16

             1.  Story given about the reality of popularity.

             2.  Examples:


       A.  The time will come when all wrongs will be made right and justice will prevail.