ECCLESIASTES 5:8-6:12 (507-508)

       A.  Solomon teaches us that the profit of the land is for everybody (v9).  All people live
             by God’s provisions.

       B.  Sometimes people oppress one another for riches. 

  I.  The problem with riches.  5:10-17

      A.  Some people are never satisfied with material possessions.  V10

      B.  A rich person can look at what he possesses, but is limited with using it.  Elvis Presley

      C.  The sleep of a working person is sweet, whether he has little or much.  V12

      D.  Riches sometimes are lost.  Vv14-17.  Results:

II.  Solomon’s advice.  5:18-20

      A.  About enjoyment:                                                          About contentment:

III.  Possessions gained might be used by others.  6:1-2

IV.  If there is no value or enjoyment to life, what good is wealth?  6:3-6

V.  Riches do not satisfy.  6:7-9

VI.  It is useless to strive for riches.  6:10-12

      A.  Why humans should not strive against God.  V10

      B.  We do not know what is best and what will happen after we die.  Vv11-12


      A.  Wealth can be a heavy burden.  Enjoy what we have.  God knows what is best for us.