A.  We have come to the end of 2017.

         B.  Are we satisfied with our relationship to the local church?

         C.  There are many blessings as the result of belonging to the Lord’s Church.  Ephesians
               1:3.  Several  blessings:

         D.  As members of a local church we enjoy many benefits.  Several benefits:

         E.  There are also responsibilities.  I’d like to encourage us by looking at three
               Responsibilities to the local church.

     I.  We have a responsibility of commendation.

          A.  The Apostle Paul is an example of one who commended.

                1.  He thanked God for the Christians in Corinth.  1 Corinthians 1:1-4 (841)

                2.  Paul expressed his confidence in the Christians in Philippi.  Phil. 1:3-8 (867)

                3.  He considered the local church in Thessalonica to be a model for other believers.
                     1 Thessalonians 1:6-8

          B.  Examples of ways we can commend the local church to which we belong:

                ___________________; _____________________’ __________________________


     II.  We also have a responsibility of consecration. 

           A.  We should live to bring honor to the local church.  Romans 8:12-16 (834); Matthew
                 5:13-16 (705)

           B.  The world is watching us.  Examples:

    III.  We have a responsibility of cooperation.  1 Corinthians 12:12-14,18-20,27 (848)

            A.  Examples:

Conclusion:  Am I willing to carry out my responsibilities to the local church?