Ecclesiastes 11:1-10 (510)


       A.  Solomon instructs us to engage in good works.

       B.  He also urges young people to live in view of the judgment.

  I.  Exhortations to engage in benevolence.  Vv1-8

       A.  Solomon teaches us to invest in good deeds.

             1.  As a cargo ship returns from a foreign country with money,etc., we will receive
                  a reward for investing in good deeds.  V1

             2.  We should help people in need because we might need their aid one day.  V2
                  Galatians 6:7-10 (862); Luke 6:38 (756)

             3.  Things happen beyond our control, but keep doing good.  V3

                  a.  Clouds _________________________________________________________
                  b.  A tree might _____________________________________________________

             4.  Don’t wait for ideal conditions to do good.  V4

             5.  Keep doing good even though we don’t understand everything.  Isaiah 55:8-9 (549)

             6.  Do good and leave the results to God.  V6

             7.  It’s a blessing to be alive and enjoy life, but there will be days of adversity
                  including death.  Vv7-8

  II.  Solomon exhorts young people to enjoy youth.  Vv9-10

            A.  While it lasts.  V9

            B.  In view of brevity of youth, the coming of old age and the judgment, put away evil.


            A.  Let’s do all the good we can because life is short_  Titus 3:8,14 (882)

            B.  Youth should live in view of the judgment.  It requires self discipline.