A.  Do you ever feel disappointed with yourself, others?

        B.  Let’s address the sources and consequences of disapointments and a plan to deal
             with the feelings of disappointment.

   I.  Three sources of disappointment.

        A.  satan.  1 Peter 5:8 (897)

        B.  Our areas of weakness.  Romans 7:14-25 (834) 

        C.  Unrealistic goals.

  II.  Consequences of disappointment.

        A.  A critical attitude.  Genesis 3:11-13

        B.  A divided mind.

        C.  Prayerlessness.

        D.  Isolation

  III.  A plan

        A.  Understand that disappointment is a part of life. 

        B.  Understand that we can deal with disappointment.

        C.  Focus on God and not our disapointments.  Psalm 42:1-6,11 (445); 1 Cor.
              10:13 (846); 1 Peter 5:7

        D.  Become a part of God’s fellowship where we’ll find affirmation and encouragement.


        A.  If we desire peace, we must trust God with the problems of life.