A. Facing the new year: resolutions, goals, plans, etc.

  B. Whatever spiritual plans we have for the new year, let's consider four
  suggestions that I think will be beneficial.

  I. Let's take advantage of our abilities and interests.

  A. Questions to ask: What are my assets? (Matthew 25:25-28, p626).
  What do I enjoy doing?

  B. God expects us to use what He has given us.

  II. Let's act.

  A. If a person is estranged from God, he/she needs to repent and _____
  his sins to God. 1 John 1:7 (899); 1 John 1:9.

  B. If someone desires to faithfully serve God, he/she must move forward.
  Philippians 3:13-14 (868); James 2:14,17,24 (892); Philippians 2:12-

  III. Let's refocus.

  A. It has been said that insanity is ______________________________

  B. Refocus thinking and attitude. Proverbs 4:23 (488); Proverbs 23:7a 

  C. Refocus behavior.

  IV. Let's trust God. Jeremiah 10:23 (565); Philipppians 1:6 (867)


  A. Review