A.  At this time of the year, people reflect on the old year and look forward to the new.
        B.  An excerpt from the poem, “The Old Year And the New Year,” expresses these thoughts:
   I.  A plan of action.  Nehemiah 2:1-6 (389); Nehemiah 4:1-6,9,15

       A.  Pray to God (Nehemiah 2:4) and develop a plan (Nehemiah 4:1).

       B.  Pray to God for the plan to be successful (Nehemiah 4:4,9).

       C.  Overcome opposition and criticism (Nehemiah 4:4-6).

       D.  Work the plan (Nehemiah 4:6).

       E.  Depend on God (Nehemiah 4:15). 

  II.  Requests for God’s blessings in 2013.

       Philippians 3:13-14, p868 pew Bible ______________________________John

       “Revive Us Again,” p17 hymnal _________________________________ Rick

       Psalm 143, p483 pew Bible _____________________________________ Matt

       “Bringing In The Sheaves,” p571 hymnal __________________________ John

       Poem, “New Year Prayer” by Helen Steiner Rice ____________________ Rick

       Poem, “One Day At A Time” ________________________________  Houston

       Prayer for the new year ________________________________________  Roy

Closing:  Let’s determine to

                                           S  Stop making excuses.

                                     T Take inventory to ascertain what we have to use for God.

                                     A Act in faith

                                     R Refocus our thinking

                                     T Trust God.