Matthew 18:21-35


        A.  Questions

        B.  The apostle Peter asked Jesus the question, “Lord, how may times shall I forgive
              my brother when he sins against me?  Up to seven times?”

        C.  Jesus responded with a lesson on forgiveness.

        D.  Let’s note the quantity, the necessity and the quality of forgiveness.

    I.  The quantity of  forgiveness.  Matt. 18:21-22

        A.  The teaching of the Jewish rabbis:  up to three times

        B.  The graciousness of Peter:  up to seven times

        C.  Jesus’ reply:  seventy times seven ( every time)

        D.  The “I forgive” response.

   II.  The necessity of forgiveness.  Matt. 18:23-35

        A.  Parable about forgiveness

              1.  A king forgave his servant a debt of ten thousand talents (approximately
                   $ 10 million).
              2.  This servant would not forgive a fellow servant for a debt of about $17.00.

              3.  Point of emphasize.  Vv34-35

  III.  The quality of forgiveness.  Matt. 18:35; Ephesians 4:31-32
         A.  Forgiveness is from our heart.  With sincerity.


         A.  Questions
         B.  “Will the Lord forgive me?“  Matt 18:21-22.  Do you agree with me that Jesus
               practices what He preaches?  Yes the Lord will forgive.