Matthew 18:21-35 (719)


        A.  Questions about forgiveness to consider:

        B.  The apostle Peter asked Jesus a question about forgiveness.  Matthew 18:21-35 (719)

        C.  Let’s focus on what Jesus taught about forgiveness from this passage.

    I.  The quantity of forgiveness.  Vv 21-22

        A.  The Jewish Rabbins taught forgiveness up to three times for the same offence.

        B.  Peter, I think, had an idea that the Lord’s rule would insist on greater forbearance.

        C.  The teaching of Jesus:  “seventy times seven” (unlimited).  Luke 17:4 (769)

        D.  The “I forgive” principle.

  II.  The necessity of forgiveness.  Vv 23-35

        A.  Parable

              1.  A king forgave an official.  About ten million dollars.

              2.  The same official refused to forgive a fellow official.  About seventeen dollars.

              3.  A learning principle.  Matthew 6:14-15 (707)

  III.  The quality of forgiveness.  Matthew 18:15; Ephesians 4:32 (865)

        A.  Forgive from the heart. 


        A.  Review

        B.  Illustration