Psalm 38:8-10 (443)

         A.  David confessed that he was heartbroken.  Carrying a heavy load, etc.
         B.  We find out early in life how it feels to be broken hearted.  Examples:
         C.  Let’s look at four types of broken hearts.
     I.  There are people who have a broken heart because of betrayal.  Luke 22:54-62 (775)

         A.  Jesus knows have it feels to be betrayed by friends.
         B.  Examples:  a close friend, a spouse.  Consider a set of marriage vows.  Victims of divorce
               feel betrayed.

   II.  Some hearts are broken by the death of a loved one.

         A.  Death is a part of life.  Hebrews 9:27

         B.  No matter how prepared we think we are ____________________________

  III.  An unthankful heart is a broken heart.

         A.  We usually think of a broken heart in terms of sadness but if our heart isn’t working as
               God would have it, it’s broken.  Illustration:

         B.  People who had broken hearts because of ingratitude:  Romans 1:21-22 (830); 2 Timothy
               3:1-2 (880)

  IV.  A fourth kind of broken heart is a heart broken by sin.  James 1:13-15 (892)

         A.  Progression of sin:

         B.  A heart controlled by sin: Romans 8:7-8 (834).

   V.  What needs to be done for a broken heart?  It needs to be repaired.

         A.  A heart that has been betrayed?
               1.  We place our faith and trust in God.  Romans 8:28,31 (835)

         B.  A heart broken by death?
               1.  We place our faith and trust in God.  Revelation 14:13 (913)

         C.  An unthankful heart?  1 Thessalonians 5:18 (874)

         D.  A heart broken by sin?  Romans 6:17-18,3-7 (833)