HELL ( Part I )

    “Why have preachers quit preaching on the realness of hell?  It’s all love and grace”

         A.  Because of what has been submitted, I plan to present a series of lessons about the
               topic of hell.
         B.  According to God’s word, every responsible person will stand before Christ on the
               day of judgment to give account of his/her life.  Hebrews 9:27 (888); Romans 14:
               10-12 (838-839)
         C.  After the judgment people will either enjoy eternal life or suffer eternal damnation.
               Matthew 25:46 (726)
         D.  Our series of studies deal with eternal punishment.

     I.  Background material

         A.  I will use the term ‘hell” taken from the Greek term “Gehenna.”
               1.  Gehenna originally referred to the Valley Of Hinnom which was near Jerusalem.
                    Joshua 15:8 (189)
               2.  It was a place of human sacrifice to pagan gods during a period of time.  2 Chron.
                    28:3 (370)

         B.  During the time of Jesus, it was the town dump where trash and unclean dead human
               bodies were thrown.  (Fire burned and worms never stopped eating)

         C.  It came to be used with a spiritual application representing the  place where lost people
               would suffer continuously for an eternity.

    II.  Does the Bible teach the certainty of an eternal place of torment known as hell?

          A.  Jesus, our Lord, taught the reality of a hell.  Matthew 5:22,29-30 (706);
                Matthew 13:41-42 (714); Matthew 25:41,46 (726); Luke 12:4-5 (764)

          B.  The apostles taught that there is a hell.

                1.  Peter.  2 Peter 2:9 (898)
                2.  Paul.  2 Thessalonians 1:7-9 875)
                3.  John.  Revelation 20:11-15 (916); Revelation 21:8

          C.  The Bible teaches the reality of a place of eternal punishment known as hell.

Closing:  It isn’t necessary to go to hell because Christ has taken our sins and sacrificed Himself
                for us.  2 Corinthians 5:20-21 (854);  Obey God’s plan.  Galatians 3:22-29 (860)