1 Samuel 30:1-8 (248)


        A.  Don’t you love those times when you really enjoy God’s blessings and life is exciting
              and great?

        B.  Then there are times when life is challenging.  We struggle to find happiness.

        C.  God can help.  John 10:10b (789)

        D.  David is an example of one who was encouraged by God. 

              1.  Background and reading of 1 Samuel 30:1-8 (248)
              2.  Think about David:  running from Saul, home destroyed by fire, wives taken, his
                   soldiers wanting to kill him.  Have you ever had a day like that? How did he respond?  V 6b
        E.  Three practical suggestions on how to be encouraged by God.

    I.  Put worshipping God before “warfare.”

        A.  David was a mighty man of war, but what did he do first? 

              1.  He paused to spend time with God.  Vv 6b,8

        B.  Even though we face problems, we need to worship God as best we can.  Examples:

        C.  God is deserving of our worship.  Psalm 111 (473)

  II.  Ask God for direction.

        A.  After David spent time with God, he asked God for direction.  1 Samuel 30:7-8

        B.  When problems confront us and we struggle for guidance, ask God.  Jeremiah 10:23(565);
              Philippians 4:6-7 (869)

  III.  Trust God to encourage us.

        A.  David did.  1 Samuel 30:8

        B.  We can be encouraged by God.  1 Peter 5:7 (897); Romans 8:35-39 (835); Philippians 4:6-7

             Don’t worry, request of God, accept God’s answer.

Conclusion:  Review.    John 10:10b