Matthew 5:13-16 (705)


       A.  “Leached out” salt.  Application:

       B.  Light from a lamp.  Application:

       C.  Influence is a quality that _____ of us possess.

             1.  Bad to good.  Saul of tarsus.  Acts 19:1-2 (808); Philippians 1:21 (867)

             2.  Good to bad.  Judas Iscariot.  Matthew 27:3-4 (728)

       D.  Three ways by which we can have a good influence.

   I.  By what we say.  Ephesians 4:29,32 (865)

       A.  A great deal of attention can be given to what is spoken. Example:

       B.  No corrupt words.  Morally debased; evil; depraved.  Webster’s New World

       C.  Use words of edification.  To instruct or improve morally or spiritually. Webster’s

  II.  By expressing our faith.  James 2:14-20 (892)

       A.  By works (actions, obedience).  Vv 14,18b, 20,15

       B.  By a faith stronger than the demons. V19

             1.  Faith that expresses love, submission and obedience.

III.  By our demonstration of love.  John 13:34-35 (793)

       1.  Love as Jesus loves.

       2.  Then we will be recognized as disciples of Christ.



       Article by W.D. Wilmeth