A.  Let’s suppose a young man says to his girlfriend, “I need a wife and I’d like for
               you to marry me ………………….  However, you must understand that I can’t
               give you my heart.”
               1.  If you were that young lady, how would you respond?  Would you say, “Of course
                    I’ll marry you or if you don’t love me, I can’t marry you.”
         B.  What about our relationship with God? 
               1.  Can we have the proper relationship with God if we don’t give Him our heart?

    I.   When Moses gave his last instructions to the second generation who left Egypt, he
          challenged them to do something their parents had failed to do- to maintain their
          relationship with the Lord.

          A.  As Moses did so, he emphasized the heart.

                1.  Selected verses from the Book of Deuteronomy:

                     4:9 (149)-  The Israelites were to let what they had seen live in their hearts.

                     4:39-  Belonging to God began with the Israelites’ hearts.

                     5:29-  God knew what the Israelites would do because of their hearts.

                     6:4-5-  God’s greatest commandment begins with loving Him with all ones being.

                     10:12-  What God required: ___________________________________________

                     10:15-16-  They were to circumcise their hearts.

     II.  Do we have a God of the O.T who wanted to be loved from the heart and a God of the
           N.T. Who doesn’t

           A.  If love isn’t in our relationship with God, we don’t have the proper relationship.
                 1. We must obey from the heart.  Romans 6:16-18 (833); Romans 6:3-6
                      Doctrine:  gospel                                   Form:  baptism
                 2.  Love enables us to ___________________________________________________
                 3.  Christ circumcises the heart.  Colossians 2:9-12 (870)
           B.  The greatest commandment: Matthew 22:35-38
           C.  We can be assured that God knows if we fail to obey the law of love.  1 John
                 3:19-21 (901)

Conclusion: Trying to obey God from a checklist without obedience from the heart isn’t pleasing
                    to God.