Luke 10:38-42 (762)


        A.  Jesus was visiting with Martha and Mary.

              1.  Martha was busy while Mary spent time with Jesus.

         B.  Let’s learn a few lessons from Martha and Mary.

     I.  Martha was distracted or worried with much serving.  V40

         A.  Jesus told her in V41: _________________________________________________

         B.  Jesus teaches us that we shouldn’t worry.  Matthew 6:25-34 (707)


   II.  Mary was concerned with spiritual matters. V39

         A.  Mary was focused on Jesus and listening to Him.

         B.  Jesus complimented Mary in V42: ____________________________________

  III.  Will we have a material or a spiritual Christmas?

         A.  Will we only be concerned with laying gifts under the Christmas tree?

         B.  A spiritual Christmas means being concerned with spiritual matters.

               Matthew 6:33 (707):

               Matthew 6:19-21:

               Romans 12:1-2 (837):

               Matthew 22:35-38 (723)

Conclusion:  As we enjoy the Christmas holidays with our family and friends, let’s take the
                     time to show our service and love for the one whose birthday we are celebrating.