MIRACLES (cont’d)

  Review definition and terms by which miracles are called.

  III.  The purpose of miracles
         A.  To create faith.  John 4:46-53; 20:30-31

         B.  To confirm the word.  Hebrews 2:3-4; Acts 8:5-6

         C.  To testify to the validity of God’s servants.  Acts 19:6

         D.  To assure people of their faith.  Luke 7:20-23

         E.  To serve as credentials of the apostles.  2 Corinthians 12:12

         F.  To serve as credentials of Jesus as the Messiah.  Isaiah 42:7; Isaiah 61:1

         G.  To teach spiritual lessons to those who read them.  John 20:30-31

         H.  To meet the needs of people.  Matthew 14:15-21

  IV.  The miracles of Jesus were in different categories
         A.  Miracles dealing with His power over material things. 
               1.  He calmed the sea.  Matthew 8:23-37
               2.  He walked on water.  Matthew 14:22-23
               3.  He caused fig tree to wither.  Matthew 21:18-22

         B.  Miracles demonstrating His power, care and concern for people’s physical
               1.  He turned water to wine.  John 2:1-11
               2.  He fed five thousand with five loaves and two fishes.  Matt. 14:15-21

         C.  Miracles that reflected the love and compassion of Jesus.
               1.  He healed all the diseased who came to Him.  Matthew  4:23-25; 8:16

         D.  Miracles of raising the dead which confirm the truth that Jesus is the
               Resurrection and the life.  Jesus raised three people from the dead
               1.  The widow’s son.  Luke 7:11-17
               2.  Jairus’ daughter.  Mark 5
               3.  Lazarus.  John 11

  Source:  Study Outline by Brother Gus Nichols