A.  One of the purposes for the performing of miracles by the apostles was to
              confirm the word.  Mark 16:20
    I.  A look at Mark 16:14-20
         A.  Jesus rebuked the eleven apostles because of their _____________ and
               hardness of heart, because they did not _____________ those who had
               seen Him after He had risen.  V14

         B.  In v 16 Jesus changed to the personal pronoun and singular number (he)
               to give the apostles the message to teach to every creature.

               1.  Teach the gospel which is the good news of the death, burial and
                     resurrection  of Jesus when He died on the cross for the sins of the
                     world. V15
               2.  If a person believed the gospel they were to baptize him.  V16
         C.  Previous to vv 15 & 16 and after, Jesus used the personal pronoun and
               plural number (they) referring to the apostles.
               1.  They , the apostles, were rebuked by Jesus because of their unbelief.  V14
               2.  He told them, the apostles, in vv 17-18 that signs, a term for miracles,
                    would follow those who believed.
               3.  When the apostles fully believed, they performed signs.  V20
          D.  These miracles were not performed by all the people who were baptized, but
                by the apostles
          E.  Signs in VV 17-18
                1.  Cast out demons.  Acts 16:16-18
                2.  Speak with new tongues.  Acts 2:4,8
                3.  Take up serpents.  Acts 28:1-6
                4.  Drink anything deadly.  No incident recorded.
    II.  The signs of an apostle included the “laying on of hands” to give miraculous power
                to others.
          A.  Acts 8:12-18:  Peter and John, apostles, laid hands on them and gave them the
                miraculous power of the Holy Spirit.  They had already received the ordinary
                Measure of the Spirit according to acts 2:38.
          B.  Acts 19:1-6:  Paul, an apostle, gave the power to “speak with new tongues”
                and prophesy by the laying on of hands.
          C.  When the apostles and those who had miraculous power died, miracles
                performed by humans ceased.
           A.  Miracles were used to confirm the word.  When the word of God was fully
                 revealed and confirmed, miracles by humans ceased.  1 Cor. 13:8-13; Jude 3;
                 Hebrews 1:1-2