James 4:13-17 (893)

        A.  During the new year, we’ll be making plans of some sort.  Examples:
        B.  I have a question for each of us to answer:
        C.  Let’s consider three mistakes that we need to avoid as we plan for the future. James 4:13-
    I.  The first mistake is planning without God.  Vv 13,15

        A.  Businessmen and their plans

              1.  They had determined:
                   How long:

              2.  The problem:  They left God out of the plan.  V15

        B.  When we make plans without considering God, what are we telling Him?  V16; Jeremiah
              10:23 (565); Proverbs 16: 5,18 (495)

        C.  The solution:  Include God in our plans.  James 4:15; Proverbs 3:5-7 (487)

  II.  The second mistake is presumption about tomorrow..  James 4:14,16

        A.  Failure of these businessmen:
              1.  To comprehend the complexity of life.  V14

              2.  To comprehend the uncertainty of life.  Job 14:1-2 (414)

              3.  To comprehend the brevity of life.  Luke 12:15-21 (764)

        B.  The solution:  Live with God one day at a time.  Matthew 6:33-34 (707).  Article:
              “A Prayer For Today”

  III.  The third mistake is a failure to do good.  James 4:16-17

        A.  Will our plans involve doing good?

        B.  The solution:  Go ahead and do good.  Proverbs 3:27-28 (487)

  Conclusion:  As we make plan for the future, let’s include God, have faith in God no matter what
                      happens and do good with God’s help because life is short.