1 Timothy 2:1-4 (876)

        A.  God communicates to us through His word and we communicate with God
              through our prayers.

        B.  Prayer is an important part of our worship.

        C.  Let’s consider four types of communications or prayers to our Heavenly Father.
    I.  The first type of communication to God that we will consider is supplication.

         A.  Definition:

         B.  Example:  Matthew 6:11 (707)

   II.  The second term is prayer.

         A.  Definition:

         B.  Examples:  James 5:17-18 (894); Acts 10:1-4 (810)

  III.  The third type of communication to our Heavenly Father is intercession.

         A.  Definition:

         B. Example:  John 17:1,9,20-26 (796)

  IV.  The fourth type is thanksgiving.

         A.  Definition:

         B.  Example:  Matthew 15:36 (716)

   V.  Subjects of prayer.

         A.  _________ men. 1 Tim. 2:1-2 (876)
              1.  One another: James 5:16 (894).  2.  Those in darkness: Matthew 9:36-38 (710)

              3.  Less fortunate: Gal. 2:10 (860)  4.  Our enemies: Matthew 5:44 (706) 5. Kings
              1 Timothy 2:2.  WHY?  1 Tim. 2: 2,4

Conclusion:  I hope this study will help us as we think about our communications to our
                     Heavenly Father.