PSALM 23 (437)
                             HE MAKES ME TO LIE DOWN IN GREEN PASTURES


       A.  W. Phillip Keller has written in his book, “A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23,” that
             sheep won’t lie down to rest unless four requirements are met:  1)  they must be free
             of fear, 2) free from friction within the group, 3) free from torment by flies and
             parasites and 4) free from hunger.

       B.  “The Lord ……………. He makes me to lie down in green pastures.”

  I.  How does the Lord our Shepherd meet these conditions for us?

       A.  God knows the future.  We don’t!

             1.  We  live either with a sense of fear or peace toward the future.

             2.  What our Shepherd provides.  2 Timothy 1:7 (879) __________________________
                  John 14:27 (794) __________________. Romans 8:28 (835)___________________
                  Jehovah Shalom:  The Lord who gives __________.

       B.  The Lord our Shepherd brings about harmony.

             Philippians 4:11-13 (869); Matthew 5:43-44 (706); Romans 8:26 (835)

       C.  The Lord our Shepherd provides spiritual nourishment as needed.
             1 Peter 2:2-3 (895) __________________; Hebs. 5:13-14 (885)____________________

  II.  “He leads me beside the still waters.” Verse 2b

       A.  Sheep won’t drink from swift running water.

       B.  What causes us to desire peace, rest and relaxation?

       C.  What can we  do about it?  Two suggestions:

             1.  Spend time alone with God.  Exodus 33:14 (73); Isaiah 41:10 (539).

             2.  Allow ourselves to be guided by our Heavenly Father.  Romans 8: 3-17,
                  37-39 (834-5)

Closing:  All together repeat Psalm 23:1-2 (437)