XI.  Question eleven and response
       A.  What occurred in Acts 10 and Acts 2 is a fulfillment of a prophecy from the O.T. book
             of Joel 2: 28-32 (671).

             1.  Joel described the spiritual blessings that God would give His people in the future. V28
             2.  “My Spirit”; “pour out” means an abundance; “all flesh” means Jews and Gentiles.
             3.  God’s plan to bless His people would be without regard to race, age, gender or status in
                  life.  Vv28-29
             4.  Joel wrote in v32, “And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of the
                  Lord shall be saved.”

       B.  Acts 2 (801) occurred about A.D. 30 and was the beginning of the Christian Dispensation.

             1.  The apostles (Acts 1:26) were filled (baptized) with the Holy Spirit and began to speak
                  in languages as they were enabled by the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:4
             2.  Peter identified this occurrence with the prophecy in Joel 2:28-32.  Acts 2:16-21
             3.  The apostles were Jews and the people attending the Pentecost feast were Jews.
       (Read question eleven again)
       C.  Acts 10 (810) occurred about A.D. 37 (read Acts 11:19)

             1.  Before the establishment of Christianity based on the death, burial and resurrection of
                  Christ, the Jews worshipped and served God under the Mosaic Law and the Gentiles
                  under the Patriarchal Law.
             2.  Cornelius was a Gentile (v1); worshipped and served God; gave alms and prayed to
                  God always (v2).  He worshipped God according to the Patriarchal Law.
             3.  He was instructed in a vision to send for Peter so he did.  Vv3-8
             4.  Peter taught these Gentiles about Christ.  What happened?
                  a.  As Peter was speaking (v44), the Holy Spirit fell on those who heard (v44), the
                       Jews were astonished-Why (v45), these Gentiles who had received the out pouring
                       of the Holy Spirit began to speak in tongues (languages) according to v46.
                  b.  This was God’s demonstration of the acceptance of the Gentiles.
                  c.  Read Acts 2:1-4 (801) and Acts 10:44-46.  Do you see the connection?
             5.  Peter said: “Can anyone forbid ________, that these should not be _______________?
                  Because Peter and the other Jews with him witnessed God’s approval of the Gentiles.
                  Questions: 1)  Why were these Gentiles baptized?  Because they were transitioning from
                  The Patriarchal Law to Christianity which is based on the death, burial and resurrection
                   of Christ.  Because it wasn’t possible for people who lived before the sacrifice of Christ
                   to be completely saved (Hebrews 9: 15-17, 22,12, 23-26.pp887-888).  Because they had
                   to be united with the sacrifice of Christ-His death, burial and resurrection.  Ro. 6:3-6 (833)
                   Because the needed the forgiveness of sins (Acts2:38-39,p802).  Because of apostolic
                   command (v47).  Read Peter’s explanation to a group of Jews about what happened at
                   Cornelius house (Gentiles).  Acts 11:1-4, 15-18
Is baptism a command? Acts 2:38, Acts 10:47. Yes or No. Can one through obstinate rebellion against God by
refusing to be baptized as commanded (including all N.T. teaches about baptism) be assured of everlasting life?