A.  Review

  IX.   Question nine and response

         A.  The church of Christ doesn’t teach that a sinner is forgiven of sin when he is baptized
               by a Campbellite elder.  Comments about Campbellite used by the preacher:

               1.  In most cases the preacher does the baptizing; however, it’s not a requirement.

         B.  Questions regarding the connection between water baptism and the forgiveness of sins.
               Let’s go to God’s word.

               1.  According to Ephesians 4: 5 (865), which was written by Paul about A.D. 61-62,
                    there was one baptism. 
               2.  That baptism is water baptism.  Acts 8:35-39
               3.  We can’t teach that during this time period that there were many baptisms and that
                    baptism isn’t in water. ( I am aware that there have been other baptisms)
               4.  Do the following passages teach the forgiveness of sins when one is baptized?

                    Acts 22:12-16 (823):  “and”; “wash away means to cleanse.

                    Acts 2:36-41 (802):  “for” means “into, unto, with a view to.”

                    1 Peter 3:20-21 (896):  Water isn’t baptism. Baptism takes place in water.
                                                          Based on the resurrection of Christ.

                    Romans 6:3-6 (833):  Baptism unites us with the sacrifice of Christ.

                    Galatians 3:26-27 (861):  Paul told these people they were what?  Children of
                                                             God.  How? By faith.  When?  For as many of you as were
                                                             baptized into Christ.                                             
                                                             What did they do?  Have put on Christ.

                    Questions:  Can one put on Christ:
                    and not become a child of God?  Yes or no.
                    without faith?  Yes or no.
                    without baptism?  Yes or no.  Some would choose yes. Book, chapter, verse please.
                    What does the apostle Paul really teach here???
  Closing:  Answers not taken from a creed book written by the C/C because the only creed book
                  We have is God’s word.