A.  Based on an article by Al Maxey, a minister and an elder for the Church of Christ, in
               response to questions asked by a pastor of another church regarding the Church of Christ.
         B.  Comments in a brief biographical statement pertaining to the article written by the pastor.
         C.  This is a statement made by the pastor:  “If you ask one of these ‘preachers’ any of the
               questions in this tract, you won’t get a straight answer due to their ‘screwball’ theology.
         D.  Disclaimer:  not all member of the church of Christ are exactly alike in every doctrine and
               practice and I don’t consider myself to “know it all.”

    (Questions are on the back of sheet)

    1.  Question one and response

         A.  The church has existed since God established His church on the day of Pentecost almost
               2,000 years ago.  Acts 2:1-4 (801); Acts 2:36-42,47
         B.  People can choose not to obey God’s truth and accept is church, but He will preserve
               His church.

    2.  Question two and response

         A.  One’s salvation doesn’t depend on the spiritual condition of the baptizer because baptism
               is between the penitent believer and God.  Colossians 2:11-13 (870)

              1.  v12:  “faith (personal) in the working of God” (the one being baptized and God)
              2.  v13:  “He (God) has made alive together ( the one being baptized and God) with Him”

        B.  Illustration

        C.  An individual baptized according to God’s instructions is saved.

   3.  Question three and response

        A.  Our salvation doesn’t depend on  moral perfection.
        B.  God has provided for the blood of Christ to continually cleanse our sins.  1 John 1:7-10 (899


        A.  Existence of God’s church, baptism is between penitent believer and God, We have
              the continually cleansing of our sins by the precious blood of Christ.

                                                     TO BE CONTINUED