Philippians 4:4,10-13


        A.  The prominent theme of Paul’s letter to the Philippian Christians is joy. v4
              1.  This joy isn’t derived from ourselves nor from external circumstances,
                    but from a personal relationship with Jesus.  Vv 10,13
              2.  There are people seeking a feeling of joy, and most of them are looking in the
                    wrong places.
        B.  We’d do well to ask ourselves this question:  “Am I rejoicing as a Christian?”  If
              not, “What do I need to change?”  

   I.  Changes needed.  “I have learned”, v 11.

        A.  We must learn to adjust to the circumstances of life.  Vv 11-12

               1.  It’s easy to rejoice when circumstances are great.  Examples

               2.  It’s not so easy when we face difficult circumstances.  Examples

               3.  How do we adjust?
        B.   We must learn to be content under all the conditions of life.

               1.  We aren’t born with contentment; it must be learned.  V 11
               2.  Contentment is the submission to the changes and circumstances of life
                     without anxiety in the belief that there is a good Heavenly Father who
                     knows our needs and will supply them.  Romans 8:28;
                     Philippians 4:19
        C.  We must learn the secret of rejoicing.  Vv 4, 11, 13

   II.  Four steps toward becoming a joyful person.

        A.  Act better than we feel.  Phil. 4:4,11.  Examples

        B.  Refuse to compare ourselves to other people.  Matthew 25:14>; Romans
               12:4-8; Galatians 6:9-10.  Examples

        C.  Accept people the way they are.  Romans 14:1-4

        D. Accept things the way they are and then pray and work for the best. Hebrews
             6:1-3.  Examples

  Conclusion:  What change do you need to make?  If you aren’t a Christian, you will
        never experience true joy.  Why not become a Christian?  Acts 22:12-16