I.  “Where are the dead?  Already in heaven/hell?  Sleeping? Watching us as the rich man
       could see Lazarus?

       A.  Are the dead sleeping?
             1.  Sleep is a metaphor for death.  1 Thessalonians 4:13-15 (874); 1 Cor.
                  15:50-52 (851)

             2.  The dead are conscious.  The unsaved spirit (Luke 16:22-31,768); the saved spirits
                  (Revelation 6:9-10,908)

       B.  Are the dead watching us on earth?
             1.  I am inclined to say, no.

             2.  The dead do have a memory of when they were on earth.  The rich man in hades
                  (Luke 16:27-28,768); The martyred Christians in heaven  (Rev. 6:9-10).

  II.  In Revelation 21 is the new heavens and new earth figurative or real?  Rev. 21:1 (916)

       A.  God has promised new heavens and a new earth.  2 Peter 3:13 (899); Isaiah 65:
             17-18 (555); Isaiah 66:22

       B.  The present heavens and earth will be changed, purified and renewed at the return
             of Christ.  2 Peter 3,10-14 (899)

       C.  The new heavens and earth will follow the purification and renewal of the present
             heavens and earth.  2 Peter 3:12-13

       D.  Righteous will dwell in the new heavens and earth.  2 Peter 3:13

       E.  The new heavens and earth will be the eternal dwelling of the saved.

            1.  After the judgment and the perdition (perishing, destruction) of ungodly men. 2 Peter
                 3:7; Revelation 20:11-15 (916)

            2.  Revelation 21:1-5

                 New heaven and earth (v1): Either the Universe of dwelling place of the redeemed.
                 The holy city, the new Jerusalem (v2): The redeemed

                 Tabernacle of God (v3): God’s presence in the new heaven and earth.

Conclusion:  Are you prepared for eternity?