Luke 22:31-34,54-62 (775)


        A.  Jesus told the apostle Peter that satan desired to sift him and this probably included
              all the apostles.

              1.  Sift refers to the process of separating the husk of the wheat from the grain.

        B.  Satan intended to tear the heart of God by proving the apostles to be unfaithful.

    I.  Satan desires to sift us as well.  1 Peter 5:8 (897)

        A.  He desires to destroy everything of value in our lives.  Examples:

        B.  If satan overcomes us, our sins will affect everyone around us.  Examples:

        C.  Satan is cunning and convincing.  Genesis 3:1-6 (2)

  II.  Jesus is interceding for us.  Luke 22:32; Romans 8:34 (835)

  III.  Jesus knows us better than we know ourselves.  Luke 22:33-34

        A.  All the apostles failed the Lord that night.  Mark 14:15

        B.  Sin isn’t a maybe in our lives.  1 John 8,10 (900)

  IV.  If we are overtaken by sin, failure doesn’t have to be final.

        A.  Consider the apostle Peter (Simon).

              1.  He sinned.  Luke 22:56-60 (775)

              2.  He suffered.  Luke 22:61-62

              3.  He repented.  Luke 22:32

              4.  He stood up!  Acts 2:14,41 (802)

        B.  God has made provisions for the cleansing and restoring of those who have fallen.
              1 John 1:7,9 (900)


        A.  If satan has sifted you, why not admit it and turn to God in repentance?