Luke 17:7-10 (769)

   A.  We have several relationships with God and in every relationship were are in a
                position of subordination and inferiority.  Examples:  God is divine: we are human.
                God is Savior; we are the saved.  God is our heavenly Father and we are His children,
         B.  In the parable under consideration, Jesus used the relationship of God as master and
               ourselves as servants.  Read Luke 17:7-10
         C.  Let’s consider several lessons from this parable.
     I.  Jesus teaches that we can never put God in our debt.  Vv9-10

         A.  The orthodox Jews of that time needed this lesson because they believed in salvation
               by works.  Example: ___________________________________________________.

         B.  This frame of mind still exists today.  Examples:  ____________________________.

               1.  Now it’s necessary to be baptized and to worship and serve God to go to heaven.

               2.  Being baptized is under God’s grace, not debt.  Worshipping and serving God is
                    under grace.  Romans 11:5-6 (837); Ephesians 2:8-10 (864); Romans 11:35
                    Grace does not include debt.  Who has obligated God by giving to Him?

               3.  The heavenly reward to the faithful is not of debt, but of grace.

   II.  Jesus  teaches in this parable the insufficiency of mere duty.  V10

         A.  We shouldn’t think that we can do our duty and stop when our duty has been done.
              1 John 3:1-2 (900);  1 John 3:16

         B.  Love thinks of obedience as a privilege.  1 John 5:3 (902)

  III.  This parable teaches that there are no set hours in the Christian life.  Vv7-8

         A.  Have you ever been guilty of ____________________________________?  Luke 9:62

  IV.  This parable teaches that it is not possible to put God in debt because He is a God of love.

         A.  All that God does for us is through His love.  Examples: __________________________.

         B.  How should we respond to God’s love?  1 John 4:19.  Hymns 179, 119
                                                      Not by duty.