A.  During the ministry of Jesus, He faced a perverted religious system that taught and
              practiced loyalty to the system but failed to be obedient from the heart.

        B.  Note the attitude of the Pharisees and also the attitude of Jesus.  Mark 3:1-6 (733)

        C.  Let’s focus on service to people in need.

    I.  God calls us to loving service.

        A.  We must have a servant attitude.  Matthew 20:20-28 (720)

              1.  Service is greater than being served.

  II.  God calls us to simple service.  Matthew 10:42 (711)

        A.  Meeting the needs of people is sometimes simple.  Examples:

  III.  God will judge us based on our service.  Matthew 25:34-36 (726)

        A.  Examples of loving service:

  IV.  God will bless our service.

        A.  Luke 6:38 (756)

        B.  1 Corinthians 15:58 (851)

        C.  Matthew 25: 34,46b (726)


        A.  Acts 20:35 (821)

        B.  A challenge