A.  I want us to start a study dealing with seven of the apostles of Jesus, and as we study
               you might identify something that reminds you of yourself.
         B.  When we look at Jesus we see perfection.
         C.  When we look at the apostles we see imperfect people just as we are.

     I.  Let’s first consider one of the most prominent apostles-Peter.

         A.  Peter was a successful businessman-a fisherman.
         B.  He was impetuous.  Let’s note a couple of situations.

               1.  On the night of His arrest, Jesus talked with His apostles about His approaching
                    death.  Matthew 26:31-35 (727).  Let’s notice how Peter responded.
                    a.  “I will _______ be made to stumble.”  V33
                    b.  “I will _________ deny you.”  V35
                    c.  Peter was sincere but he didn’t know his weakness.

               2.  Later that night Jesus was arrested and Peter, the man who said he would never
                    stumble,  followed Jesus afar off.  What did Peter do?  Matthew 26:69-                    
                    a.  He stumbled and _________ Jesus.
                    b.  Luke 22:61.  Feeling ashamed, Peter wept bitterly.
                    c.  Have you ever stumbled?  Examples:

               3.  Another occasion.  Jesus taught His Apostles about humility but He had a ________
                    with Peter.  John 13:5-9 (79
                    a.  “You shall never wash my feet.”  Peter was impetuous.
                    b.  Jesus wanted to teach Peter a lesson but Peter wasn’t _____________.
                    c.  How many of us have failed to allow God’s plan to work in our lives because we
                         didn’t cooperate?

   II.  Two of the apostles of Jesus had unusual nicknames- James and John, the “sons of thunder.
         Luke 9:51-56 (761)

         A.  James and John were furious.
         B.  What about us?
         C.  We need to have the attitude of Jesus.
.  Vv55-56
               1.  Treat people as we like to be _______________.  Matthew 7:12 (708)
               2.  Love people.  Matthew 5:43-48 (706)
               3.  Love one another.  John 13:34-35 (793)

  Closing:  Have you seen yourself in this study of Peter, James and John?  Do we need
                  to confess any sins?  1 John 1:9 (900)