Revelation 1:4-6 (905)


        A.  In this passage addressed to the seven churches of Asia Minor, there are several truths
              regarding Jesus on which I would like for us to focus.

    I.  Jesus is the faithful witness.  V5

        A.  A witness is one who tells what he knows.  Jesus tells or reveals to us God.  John 1:
              18 (779)

              1.  Jesus reveals

                   a.  The power of God.  Seen in His miracles.  John 3:2 (780); John 14:6-(793);
                        Romans 1:16 (830)

                   b.  The love of God.  Romans 5:6-8 (832)

                   c.  The wisdom of God.  The just dying for the unjust.  1 Peter 3:18 (896)

                   d.  The hatred of God for sin.  Romans 6:23 (833); Matthew 27:46 (729)

   II.  Jesus is the firstborn from the dead.  V5  Revelation 1:18 (905); 1 Corinthians
         15:20-23 (850)

  III.  Jesus is the ruler over the kings of the earth.  V5; Ephesians 1:20-23 (863)

  IV.  The truth of what Jesus did for us.  V5

         A.  He loved us and sacrificed Himself for us.  Philippians 2:8 (868); 1 Corinthians
               15:1-4 (850)

         B.  Our response.  Romans 6:3-6 (833)

   V.  The truth of what He made us.  Rev. 1:6

         A.  Jesus has made us kings and priests (the saved). 


         A.  What should these truths regarding Jesus do for us?  They should edify, encourage and
               motivate us to live our convictions and strengthen our faith.