Matthew 14:22-33 (715)

       A.  When Peter jumped out of the boat, he demonstrated his faith in Jesus.
       B.  Faith includes the willingness to do what Jesus commands.
       C.  I want to encourage us to understand that when we step out in faith with obedience to Jesus,
             He will keep us from ‘sinking.’
       D.  Let’s consider three lessons from this occasion.
  I.  Jesus will not do some things unless we’re willing to cooperate..

      A.  Jesus said in v29, “come”
            1.  Peter was willing to do what Jesus said.  Vv28-29

      B.  Let’s answer a few questions:  Has brought to my mind something __________________?
      Has God impressed on my mind the call to _____________, ________________________,
           ___________________, ____________________,    ___________________________?

      C.  Jesus called Peter and he was willing.
            1.  Peter proved his faith.  He was the one to walk on water. (there were other disciples)

      D.  When we answer, no, to the great “I AM” we make a grave mistake.  V27: “It is I” some
            believe to be “I AM.”

II.  The second lesson is that faith and obedience are required to say, yes, to Jesus.

      A.  Peter said in v28, __________________________________________________________
            because nothing is impossible for you.

      B.  Peter put his faith in action by stepping out of the boat.  I don’t know what Peter was thinking
            when he ___________________________________________________________________.
            I do know that he prove his faith and obedience.

III. The third lesson is that only God/Jesus can control the unmanageable circumstances of

A.  Peter became afraid and doubtful and his humanity gained control, and he began to sink.
           Vv29,32. Jesus stretched out his hand and saved Peter. The wind ceased when they got to boat.

B.  There will be times when we are afraid, etc. and our humanity expresses itself, but Jesus will
      control the unmanageable circumstances of life.  Vv30-33. In the stillness of the night ……………..
      they worshipped Jesus.

         Conclusion:  Am I a disciple like Peter? Matthew 11:28-30 (712) Call from Jesus for sinners.