Matthew 5:1-12 (705)


        A.  Brief review

        B.  The fourth beatitude.  V6

    I.  What does it mean to hunger and thirst for righteousness?

        A.  Let’s consider hunger and thirst in a physical sense to illustrate.

              1.  When someone is hungry (desperate condition), he has a strong desire for

              2.  When someone is thirsty, he has a strong desire to drink.

        B.  A person has such a strong desire for righteous that he hungers and thirsts for it.

              1.  He knows that he is lost and has a desperate need and desire to be saved.

              2.  This attitude develops from the first three beatitudes.

   II.  What does righteousness mean?

         A.  Two kinds considered.

               1.  A right relationship with God through Christ.  2 Corinthians 5:20-21 (854);
                    John 4:14 (781); John 6:35; Romans 1:16-17 (830)

               2.  Doing what is right by living according to God’s will.  Matthew 7:21-29 (708);
                    Matthew 6:33

   III.  “For they shall be filled.”

          A.  Illustration of hungry and thirsty person being satisfied.

          B.  Satisfaction is received in obedience to the gospel plan of salvation.
                Mark 16:15-16 (748)


           A.  Review

           B.  Acts 8:35-39 (808)