Mark 12:28-34 (743)

        A.  Our lesson concerns the statement made by Jesus to the scribe, according to v34,
              “You are not far from the kingdom of God.”

              1.  The kingdom of God is God’s rule.  Matthew 6:10:

              2.  “Not far from the kingdom of God” means that the scribe was close to the kingdom.

        B.  What was true of the scribe is true of some people today.  It could be said that they are
              in the borderland of the kingdom of God.

    I.  The statement made by Jesus implies degrees of moral and spiritual distances from the

        A.  Note the phrase “not far.”

              1.  According to Isaiah 59:1-2 (551), sin separates a person from God.

              2.  Jesus quoted Isaiah 29:13 saying that there were people whose heart was far
                   from God.  Matthew 15:8 (7126)

              3.  Jesus said that the scribe was not far from the kingdom of God.

        B.  There are people today who aren’t far from the kingdom of God.

              1.  They have good habits and dispositions.  Examples:

              2.  If you are in this condition, don’t let anything keep you from the kingdom.

  II.  Being close to the kingdom can be dangerous.

        A.  The person might become satisfied with his nearness.  Examples:

              1.  There is no middle ground regarding salvation.  Acts 10:1-6, 34-48 (810)

        B.  It will be tragic in death for those so close.  Revelation 14:12-13 (913); Revelation


        A.  Take the step.  Hymn, page 647
        B.  Invitation