Conquering The Sinful Habit Of Lust
                                                               James 4:1-10 (893)


         A.  The theme of James 4 is the Christian’s relationship with God.
         B.  There are habits that we must avoid in order to remain close to God.
         C.  Let’s consider carefully the habit of lust.

     I.  Lust defined:

         A.  We usually think of lust as having desires of a sexual nature.  Matthew 5:27-28
         B.  Ungers Bible Dictionary:  “Intense longing desires.”  “………. sinful either in being
               directed toward forbidden objects, or in being so violent as to overcome self control
               and to engross the mind with earthly, carnal, and perishable things.”  Adds that lust
               can “be of a sensuous or of a spiritual nature.”  Romans 6:12-13 (833); James 4:4
         C.  Example of spiritual adultery:  Ezekiel 23: (624) 1-4,7,17-18, 30, 35,37-38
         D.  The adultery that James uses is becoming unfaithful to God by becoming involved in
               the sinful elements of the world.  James 4:4   

   II.  Lust practiced

        A.  What causes fight and quarrels?  James 4:1: _________________________________
        B.  To what does James attribute killing, coveting,etc? James 4:2: ___________________
       C.  These people should have asked God ,but people controlled by ____________ can’t
             pray that way.
       D.  Some asked God, but with the wrong motive.  James 4:3

III.  Lust controlled

       A.  Must humble ourselves before God.  James 4:6; Proverbs 6:16-17 (489); Proverbs
             16:17-18 (495)
       B.  Must repent.  James 4:8-9, 2 Corinthians 7:9-10
       C.  Must submit to God.  James 4:7,10
       D.  Must resist the devil.  James 4:7; 1 Peter 5:8-9 (897)


        A.  Lust leads us away from God and this constitutes adultery.

       B.  Let’s submit to God and obey Him.