Matthew 16:13-19


     A.  Comments on the discussion Jesus had with His disciples.

     B.  Jesus spoke of establishing His church in v18 when He said, “I will build My

     C.  Today the word “church” has a variety of meanings.  Examples:

     D.  With this lesson, we’ll begin a study of the church Jesus built in which my goals
            for us are:  1)  To better understand the concept of the church as taught in God’s
            Word and 2)  To increase our appreciation of the Lord’s church.

      E.  I think a good place to start is by defining the word “church.”

  I.  The church defined

      A.  The Greek word “ekklesia” means the called out.

            1.  It was used in N.T. times to represent a called out assembly of people for a
                 particular purpose.

                 a.   The assembly could be secular.  Acts 19:23-32,39,41.  Examples:

                 b.   The assembly could be religious.  Acts 2:47,41.  Examples:

                        assembly of God ; assembly of Christ ; assembly of believers.

            2.  The words “assembly” or “congregation” were used until 1557 when the
                 Geneva Bible used the word “church” in most cases.

                  a.  When we read the word “church” in the N.T., it means the saved people
                        who have been called out of the world ; a called out assembly  of  
                        believers.  Acts 2:47.  Note:  church - assembly; saved - called out.

      B.  Thayer’s definition of “ekklesia.”


      A.  We would do well to ask ourselves:  Have I been added by the Lord to His
            church?  Acts 2:36-41, 47