Matthew 25:24-28


        A.  A brief explanation of the parable of the talents given by Jesus.

        B.  Note verse 25.

        C.  Let’s think about making commitments to God.

    I.  Why is it that people fear making commitments?

        A.  Because of _________  __________________.

        B.  Because of _________  __________________.  James 1:8

        C.  Because of a desire for _____________________ . Luke 13:3

        D.  Waiting for the _________  _________________.  Ecclesiastes 11:4

   II.  The importance of making commitments.

        A.  Our commitments reveal our values.  Matthew 6:24a

        B.  Our commitments shape our character.  Proverb 23:7

        C.  Our commitments determine our destiny.  Matthew 12:30; Mark 16:16

  III.  How do we overcome the fear of commitment?

         A.  Ask God for ___________.  James 1:5-8

         B.  Compare the benefits and the _______.  Romans 6:23

         C.  ___________ God to help us to keep our commitments.  Philippians 2:12-13;
               Romans 8:31-34:  for, did not spare, delivered,
            freely gives, justifies, makes


         A.  Question: Have I committed my life to God? Yes or No. What is the difference
               between ……………….? Romans 6:23