Psalm 23:6 (437)


      A.  Presentation by John Colquitt, a former sheep owner, about the nature of sheep and
            their needs.
      B.  As sheep need a shepherd, we need the Lord our Shepherd.  Jeremiah 10:23 (565);
            Proverbs 3:5-6 (487)
      C.  David wrote in Psalm 23:6 ………

  I.  This is an expression of faith by David in the Lord his Shepherd.

      A.  Maybe he was reflecting on what the Lord had done and would do for him.

            1.  The 23rd Psalm was written from the stand point of a sheep for his good shepherd.

            2.  Verses 1-3: as though a sheep were boasting to an unfortunate sheep about his good
                 shepherd.  David understood that he was under the care and management of the Lord:

            3.  Verses 4-6:  as though a sheep were speaking to his shepherd.  David understood that
                 the Lord walked with him through his “valleys of life.”

      B.  No wonder David expressed his faith in the Lord.  V6a
            Surely:  certain and confident.

            Follow:  As an animal in pursuit.

            1.  We understand that the Lord’s goodness and mercy will follow us.

                 John 6:35,41,51 (784)
                 John 8:12
                 John 10:7,9
                 John 10:11,14
                 John 11:25
                 John 14:6
                 John 15:1,5

  II.  David responded by concluding: _______________________________________________.

       A.  Why would anyone desire to leave the care and management of the Lord?

       B.  The Lord provides not just for the enjoyment of this life, but for the full enjoyment
             of the life to come in His presence.  John 14:1-3 (793)

Closing:  Invitation extended by Hunter our youth minister.